Secret Slumdog Millionaire, a reality show?


The Economic Times reports that the producers of Slumdog Millionaire are considering producing a reality TV show called Secret Slumdog Millionaire, a variation on a U.K. show called Secret Millionaire. Instead of doling out money in impoverished communities in the U.K., millionaires will now scour the slums of Mumbai and identify “slumdogs.” A television insider says, ““It’s a fantastic idea….The millionaires who sign up will see real poverty in Mumbai and it is going to be very moving when they reveal their identity and offer these people help” (full story). Needless to say, the producers want to get going asap so they can cash in on the film’s tremendous popularity.

They are, of course, “bracing themselves against charges that they are cashing in on poverty.” Bracing? Heh. If the protests surrounding the film are any indication, I’m sure we’ll see much more drama around the television show. Given that Reality TV-as-social-welfare shows like Extreme Home Makeover have not entered the Indian television landscape, this will be an interesting show to follow and see if it sets the stage for other experiments in reality TV.


5 Responses to “Secret Slumdog Millionaire, a reality show?”

  1. Slumdog Millionaire, the reality show « Africa is a Country Says:

    […] Slumdog Millionaire, the reality show From a fellow member of the Bandung Club*: […]

  2. Sean Jacobs Says:

    Hey. I finally saw this. Crazy. I shouted out the Bandung Club over in the African Country.

  3. Slumdog Millionaire the best hits Says:

    Ring Ring Ringa Lyrics – Slumdog Millionaire…

    Who wants to be a Hollywood movie fan? Slumdog Millionaire has reaped all rewards – not only the eight Academy Awards last night, but also box office gets totaling over $100 million in the US..A lot of people may have seen The Curious Case of Benjamin …

  4. Bollynatyam Says:

    I have to admit that I am totally curious about how this Slumdog inspired reality show would shape up. Would it be a “rags-to-riches” extreme makeover set up? Or perhaps, we could go with a “charm school” motif? Either way, it would take poverty as spectacle to a whole new level.

  5. Kavya Says:

    very interesting…

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