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R. K. Laxman: Looking back on the Common Man

February 8, 2008


Via CNN-IBN: For 60 years, R K Laxman has shown us who we are. In those 60 years, he has jealously guarded from us who he is. Only family, friends and colleagues from The Times of India, where he has worked most of his life, can claim to know the man behind the famous signature. Videos here. [pic: The Hindu]


Crate & Barrel goes Bolly-crazy

February 4, 2008

Netflix account, recommendations from friends, Indian takeout, maybe even a bottle of Kingfisher to make the evening *really* “Indian,” and you’re all set to pick up the remote and settle down for some good masala. Do you still feel something is missing? Crate and Barrel can take care of you –


Comes with a Bollywood pillow (customizable, perhaps, with your favorite Bolly-hero/heroine?). More here.

(HT: Geoff)

Crossword your way across India

November 26, 2007

In today’s Chicago Tribune. Solve.

(via Sepoy)


Friday Fun: Silk Smitha

November 16, 2007


“Silk” Smitha, arguably the best (most raunchy) vamp of Indian cinema, is making a comeback of sorts. CNN-IBN has a story with a few delightful interviews here. As one fan puts it, “she could have put Bipasha Basu to shame!”


November 6, 2007


I quite liked the comics, and couldn’t pass up a chance to be Spiderman-India (and an evil one at that)!