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Singstar Bollywood (and missed opportunities)

October 25, 2007

Sony Computer Entertainment has just launched a video game for the Indian market called Singstar Bollywood. A karaoke game, it has been developed jointly with Sony BMG and T-Series (which has one of the biggest music libraries in the country). Imho, Sony and Microsoft have finally woken up to the reality that gaming in India will develop as an intensely social experience and if they can figure out a way to rent out consoles and games on an hourly basis, that might attract more gamers than just periodic price cuts (link).

Anyways, reading about all this today takes me back to the winter of 2002 when I worked with two colleagues to come up with a prototype for a Bollywood music-based game for a videogame workshop organized jointly by Sony and the CMS program at MIT (during the Independent Activities Period in January). *sigh* Serves us right for not working harder and actually taking our ideas beyond the workshop.