From Mumbai


I’ve been traveling in India this past month – Bangalore for a week, then Delhi, and I’m now in Mumbai. While I was occupied with family-stuff in Bangalore and Delhi, my time in Mumbai is devoted to hanging out and conducting interviews with a range of professionals in film, television and new media companies. I’ve been here a week now and there is already much I need to chronicle and write about.

Back in 2005, I spent a few months in Mumbai conducting fieldwork towards my dissertation. So I do know the city, but this time around, my experience of the city is completely different. I am staying in Colaba, right next to Regal cinema (I was in Chembur the last time), and within walking distance of some fantastic galleries and stores. But most important, my dear friend Parmesh is in the city and is showing me a fantastic time.

So far, I’ve been to a studio where I was able to hang out and osberve a meeting between an art director and a global fashion magazine that has signed on as a major sponsor, brunch at Basilico (apparently run by a gangster’s son) and Not Just Jazz By the Bay, a Raghu Rai exhibit at the National Gallery of Modern Art, and the launch party of Amitav Ghosh’s latest novel (Sea of Poppies) at The Oberoi! And yes, I am getting work done as well 🙂 I’m off in a couple of hours to Mehboob Studio in Bandra to meet an asst director and of course, hang out and observe the shoot in progress.

I’ll do my best to write a few posts over the next few days. If not, expect something new here after the 15th of July.


4 Responses to “From Mumbai”

  1. swati Says:


    I happen to know a particular hot-shot director myself from my old hood. I can set you up – if you want. You can then spend inordinate amounts of time reminiscing with said director about the intricate details of renegade nuclear bombs and powerful, ancient Hindu prayer beads. Update more often.


  2. aswinp Says:

    S – I’d love to sit down and chat with your “sir” 🙂 Tell me how I can track him down…

  3. swati Says:

    A – its “Boss” not “Sir!” Its easy to track him down – just follow the Rudrakshs 😉 If you are serious, email me and I will give you more tips from this earth.


  4. Kaura Says:

    CS…my house 2 mins walking distance from from Mehboob studio’s….12th floor Vaastu Building…feel free to go there

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