Filmy Flashback: Silver Jubilee Filmfare Awards


A couple of years back, I chanced upon a set of Filmfare issues from 1977-78 being auctioned on eBay. And as luck would have it, I managed to get them (12 issues in all) for about $14! I figured I might as well use snippets from them and make “filmy flashback” a regular feature on BollySpace 2.0. To kick things off, here are some snapshots from the April 1978 issue that covered the Silver Jubilee of the prestigious Filmfare Awards!

Best Actor: Amitabh Bachchan, for Amar Akbar Anthony; Best Actress: Shabana Azmi for Swami; Best Supporting Actress: Asha Sachdev for Priyatama; Best Supporting Actor: Sriram Lagu for Gharaonda; Special award: Amol Palekar for Bhumika; and a Special Award to Naseeruddin Shah for Manthan.

[rockyou id=104199797&w=450&h=338]


3 Responses to “Filmy Flashback: Silver Jubilee Filmfare Awards”

  1. swatib Says:

    What I want to see return is pencil mustaches and wide collar shirts for men and gold hoops for the ladies. bring back the sexy, i say

  2. Simi Says:

    very interesting!

  3. Karen Says:

    man your so lucky! you got those issues so cheap, I would give my left eye to have them!

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