Animation in India – 3 part series on NPR


This morning, NPR ran the first of a 3-part series on cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad emerging as major centers of animation production. Profiling Rhythm & Hues, an L.A-based company that has opened an office in bombay, the reporter Laura Sydell explains clearly why the de-centered nature of contemporary animation production needs to be understood not in terms of outsourcing but rather, as a function of concerted efforts by a number of media capitals to compete for this work (Vancouver, London, etc.).

Listen to the NPR story here, and go here to read more.

p.s. I was also intrigued by a comment that a Mumbai-based Rhythm & Hues employee made about the experience she was gaining, and that she eventually hopes to produce high-quality animation within India. When I heard that, I was reminded of Roadside Romeo, a feature-length animation co-produced by Yashraj Films and Walt Disney Pictures (trailer here). This will arguably be the first “Bollywood” animation that is not being marketed as a children’s film.


One Response to “Animation in India – 3 part series on NPR”

  1. Amit Says:

    Well, I’m also waiting for the day animation in India goes beyond ‘lil Hanuman’ and ‘ass-kicking-baby-Ganesh’ both of which didn’t inspire me much from the trailers. Perhaps the Virgin Comics Shekhar Kapur-Branson venture will come out with something more interesting than Devi on the animation side – something which takes some ideas from the Japanese animation book but not the entire book itself.

    Did you know that the fort in Jodhaa Akbar is an entire 3D model which was co-built by a student at IIT Kanpur’s design program? I’m looking forward to the movie in February.

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