I quite liked the comics, and couldn’t pass up a chance to be Spiderman-India (and an evil one at that)!


10 Responses to “Spiderman-India”

  1. ramya Says:

    Hey nice…you were the Indian spidey for halloween?

  2. niharika Says:

    this is excellent! did you go to any party with this attire? what was the response?

  3. swati Says:

    wow A1, what beefy muscles. i’m a impressed. by the by, where is the mary jane?

  4. mandira Says:

    there was no mary jane swati, he went with remy the rat!

  5. aswin Says:

    niharika – it was for a halloween party, and if I may say so myself, the costume was quite a hit!

    swati – thank you, thank you 🙂 and by the by, its meera jain 😉

  6. Scott Carney Says:

    Not bad aswin. I see that you’ve been working out.

  7. aswinp Says:

    Scott – desi superheroes don’t work out. That’s just the way we are…

  8. Durga Says:

    O my GOd!! Is it really you?? I saw it on facebook and thought it was a some random pic you found somewhere. WOW..you look a really hot professor I must say!! ha ha

  9. Durga Says:

    what did Mandira go as? She keeps dodging my question..

  10. aswinp Says:

    Durga – thanks! M went as Remy (from Ratatouille)

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