“Made in India”



I know, quite a stretch. But this image of Shahrukh Khan in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is the first thing that came to mind when I read about Gap’s latest run-in with problems related to sweatshops and child labor in India.

The discovery of the children working in filthy conditions in the Shahpur Jat area of Delhi has renewed concerns about the outsourcing by large retail chains of their garment production to India, recognised by the United Nations as the world’s capital for child labour. According to one estimate, more than 20 per cent of India’s economy is dependent on children, the equivalent of 55 million youngsters under 14.

More here.


4 Responses to ““Made in India””

  1. Seema Says:

    hey,wassup my name is seema seegobin,Im 13 years old I live in newyork and im a big fan of shahrukh khan he is the best of all he rocks and I really love hiim he means more than anything,lol…but I really love him and im happy for him and his wife and kids,they a really happy faimly.and take care,,,


  2. aswinp Says:

    Glad to hear back from a fan, Seema!

  3. shabani Says:

    i love sharukhni beaucou so muunch

  4. katya Says:

    te amo shahrukh khan ers mi vida

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