Friday Fun: What could have Gordon Brown said…


…when he was forced to answer questions about Shilpa Shetty and racism on Celebrity Big Brother in the U.K. earlier this year (details)? Well, he could’ve taken a few minutes to listen to this podcast to learn a few lines from Bollywood! Go listen…and then take a look the translation:

Hindi: Jo kuch hua mujhe pata chala
English: I came to know of what happened

Hindi: Yakeen mano
English: Believe me

Hindi: Mera usse koi taluk nahin
English: I have no relation to this

Hindi: Main kuch nahin jaanta
English: I don’t know anything

Hindi: Aur phir, meri tumhaari dushmani thodi hai
English: And then, I don’t have any personal enemity with you

Hindi: Dekho
English: Look

Hindi: Main Hindustan hameshaa ke liye chod kar ja rahaa hoon
English: I am leaving India forever

Hindi: Mujhe jaane do, Please
English: Let me go, Please

And if you would like to learn how you can order tea in Hindi, haggle with an autorickshaw driver, or become an effective public speaker, check out the library of Bollywood-themed podcasts at Cutting Chai!

(via Saja Forum).


2 Responses to “Friday Fun: What could have Gordon Brown said…”

  1. Simran Says:

    Oh my word … I was on the floor with this Aswin. hahahaha

  2. aswinp Says:

    Glad you enjoyed this, Simran!

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