Madlib discovers superstar Rajnikanth!


Rapper-DJ-producer Madlib’s latest album, Beat Konducta: In India, samples music and images from Tamil cinema and Bollywood. The one thing that *really* irks me about reviews of such work is the all-too-easy inclusioin of Tamil, Telugu and other “regional” cinemas within “Bollywood.” Check out an excerpt from this review in Metro Times Detroit:

He has an unmistakable affection for the source material, a love that’s rooted less in kitsch value or multiculturalism than it is in the fact that the movies coming out of Bombay in the ’60s and ’70s sure did have some funky-ass bottom ends. Madlib exploits that funkiness to his own purposes and comes out with a peculiar and personal sort of homage to South Asian sounds that — in ways both similar and opposite to Shankar and Kale’s — rejects traditional perspectives on “Indianness” and aims simply to create great music.

Now take a look at this promo video made by Madlib’s record company –

To slot superstar Rajnikanth into “movies coming out of Bombay in the 60s and 70s” is quite terrible. And in addition to folks who review and critique music, I wish artists would also step up and clarify a few things and not assume that Bollywood speaks for India.

[Sean, thanks for the tip]


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