Teaching hybridity? Try “an arranged shag”!


I was a little worried if students in my class would get Goodness Gracious Me – many skits in the show do draw, after all, on very specific aspects of everyday Brit life (from the mid-late 1990s, no less). But I shouldn’t have worried at all – the episode I screened opened with this hilarious skit about an “arranged shag” and in less than a minute, everyone was hooked! Makes it easy to then talk about diaspora, identity, hyrbridity, and so on.


3 Responses to “Teaching hybridity? Try “an arranged shag”!”

  1. ramya Says:

    Hey, good to see you back.

  2. amrita Says:

    … and you’re being paid how much to have such a riot in your class instead of preparing hum-drum power-point slides?!!

  3. aswinp Says:

    Ramya – thanks!

    Amrita – you know, you can still move over to our side and forget the hum-drum powerpoint-slides world of engineering 🙂

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