Becoming Indian-American: a historical marker



I came across this wonderful “historical marker” while driving around in the University Circle neighborhood of Cleveland, and it got me thinking about the critical role of Indian Students Associations in shaping ideas of being and becoming Indian-American (especially during the early phase of migration – late 1960s-1970s). There have been a number of academic articles and books that map different realms of the Indian-American experience, but there isn’t a good ethnographic-historical account of “Indian” student associations.

And now I’m also curious about what “LOTUS, the first Asian Indian community newspaper,” can add to our understanding of media and diasporic identity during the late 1960s. Until I came across this historical marker, I believed that the story of print culture in the Indian-American diaspora began with India Abroad, a newspaper started by Gopal Raju in 1970 (in New York city).


2 Responses to “Becoming Indian-American: a historical marker”

  1. Tintinyana Says:

    Nice. I’ll keep on coming back and bump into you in the hallway! I’ve made a link on my blogroll.

  2. aswinp Says:

    Thanks, Sean! I’ll see you next week if not earlier.

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